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SAAB Worldwide

What's New and Hot in year 2004 from SAAB car models?

2004 SAAB Allroad

Saab continues to fine-tune its 9-5 lineup of SportWagons to give customers more value in a
luxurious midsize package.

Enhancements for 2004 include an even more sporting personality for the Arc models, more aggressive exterior revisions to the high-performance Aero models and more stand-alone content.

Saab continues to offer the 9-5 in three distinct model designations, or "forms": the 185-hp Linear, the 220-hp Arc and the 250-hp Aero.

Each form is matched with unique interior trim, upholstery, wheel package and powertrain.






FWD wagon

POWERPLANT Inline-four
HORSEPOWER (net) 250
TORQUE (Ib-ft) 250
EPA MILEAGE RATING 22 city, 30 highway
MSRP $32,300







FWD convertible

POWERPLANT Four-cylinder
HORSEPOWER (net) 210
TORQUE (Ib-ft) 221
EPA MILEAGE RATING 21 city, 29 highway







FWD sedan

POWERPLANT Four-cylinder turbo
HORSEPOWER (net) 175
TORQUE (Ib-ft) 195
EPA MILEAGE RATING 23 city, 34 highway


Auto Factory Warranty:

Basic Warranty
Powertrain Warranty

Corrosion Warranty

Roadside Assistance
Years / Miles
Years / Miles
Years / Miles
Years / Miles
4 /50,000
4 / 50,000
6 / Unlimited
4 / 50,000

No Charge Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance Program

All 2003 Saab Models* are covered under the Saab No Charge Scheduled Maintenance Program for 3 years or 36.000 miles, whichever comes first, provided you have your Saab serviced at an authorized Saab dealer in the United States.

* This program applies to all 2003 Saab models initially sold in the US and covers all factory-recommended scheduled maintenance (excluding wear and tear items) for the above period, as outlined in the Warranties and Service Record Booklet. This program is associated with this particular vehicle, regardless of owner. This program is not transferable to another vehicle. The Saab No Charge Scheduled Maintenance Program may be terminated for future Saab vehicles at any time without notice.

Warranty and Support

The Saab new car limited warranty includes:

  • Bumper-to-bumper coverage for 4 years or 50,000 miles.*
  • Adjustment and wear item coverage for 1 year or 16,000 miles.*
  • Seat belt and supplemental restraint system coverage for 5 years, unlimited mileage.
  • Perforation warranty for 6 years, unlimited mileage. (9-5 and 9-3 Convertible)
  • Perforation warranty for 10 years, unlimited mileage. (9-3 Sport Sedan)

*Whichever comes first. See your dealer for details on this limited warranty.

Saab cars are renowned for their outstanding longevity and durability. Your Certified Pre-Owned Saab includes one of the industry’s most encompassing warranty packages. First, the remaining balance of the factory 4-year/50,000 mile (whichever comes first) original new-car limited warranty automatically transfers to the new owner. Also transferring to the new owner is the balance of the factory 6-year/unlimited mile new-car corrosion protection limited warranty.

In addition, your Certified Pre-Owned Saab qualifies for a comprehensive Saab Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty*, up to 72 months/100,000 miles (whichever comes first) from original in-service date, which provides coverage that goes into effect after the original factory warranty has expired. This coverage is fully backed by Saab Cars USA, Inc.

And just like a new Saab, all Certified Pre-Owned cars include a final element of reassurance: a comprehensive Roadside Assistance program. Should you experience car trouble, help is just a phone call away. Saab’s much heralded Roadside Assistance program includes full 24 hour coverage, 365 days a year, anywhere in the United States. And best of all, it’s yours at no additional charge for the duration of the warranty. In the unlikely event that you need to use it, you can count on assistance with changing a flat tire, a jump-start, fuel delivery, towing – even locksmithing service.

* Exclusions from the original factory warranty apply. See your retailer for details. Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty period commences from the original In-Service date and lasts 6 years or 100,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Items excluded from coverage under this Limited Warranty are listed below. Coverage terminates upon failure to satisfy care and service requirements as described in manufacturer’s original limited warranty. Refer to the original limited warranty for other limitations. Exclusions include but not limited to minor adjustments, wiper blades, drive belts, brake pads and rotors, clutch discs, telematics, audio equipment, batteries, tires and all other exclusions as described in the original limited warranty.

It’s a Saab . . . not merely pre-owned, but "tried and true."

Saab ownership provides the experience of driving one of the finest cars in the world, offering luxury, performance, safety and levels of durability that are legendary the world over. Isn’t it time you drove a Saab too?

A new Saab isn’t always affordable for everyone. Now there is an alternative – the Saab Certified Pre-Owned program.

A Saab Certified Pre-Owned vehicle offers many of the same advantages of a new Saab – at significant savings over a similar new model. A great way to drive an incredibly durable car that’s not so much pre-owned as "tried and true."

And at Saab, a top priority is customer satisfaction. You can count on superior service from the moment you approach a Saab retailer and throughout your entire ownership experience.

*The Saab Certified Pre-Owned limited warranty period commences at the time of sale of a Certified Pre-Owned Saab or upon expiration of the applicable Saab New Vehicle Limited Warranty, whichever occurs later. This Saab Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty expires 6 years or 100,000 miles from the original in-service date, whichever occurs first. Call 1 800 SAAB USA for important details and exclusions of the Saab Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty Program.

Certified Pre-owned

Only the best pre-owned Saabs are eligible to be Certified. To begin with, a Certified Pre-Owned Saab must satisfy a long list of requirements: the vehicle must be less than four years old, and it cannot have more than 60,000 miles on the odometer. And not only must the Saab be in excellent mechanical condition at the onset, but it must meet high visual standards as well.

Any of the following will immediately eliminate a vehicle from the Saab Certified program:
Over 60,000 miles
Older than 1999 model year
Warranty claim inquiry discrepancy
Unresolved problem found on AutoCheck Vehicle History Report
TMU (True Mileage Unknown) odometer reading
Frame, fire, and/or flood damage

From there, factory trained Saab technicians take over and exhaustively flight check and update the vehicle. Through a rigorous and extensive 110-point inspection/refurbishing process, each Saab is inspected, reconditioned and detailed to ensure that it meets the highest possible standards – indeed, as high as your standards. Only then can it be Saab Certified.

Warranty Questions
Q What is the length of my new car warranty?
A The current Saab warranty is a bumper-to-bumper warranty for 4-years or 50,000-miles, whichever occurs first.

Q Does Saab offer an extended warranty?
A Saab does not currently offer or endorse an extended service contract or extended warranty for your new Saab. You may be able to purchase an independent extended contract through your dealership. However the contract would be administered by the independent company and would not be affiliated with Saab Cars USA, Inc.

Q Do the dealerships offer an extended warranty?
A That is based on the dealership. You would need to call an authorized Saab dealer for price and availability.

Service Questions
Q How often should I change my oil?
A The required maintenance schedule can vary depending on your driving conditions. Please refer to your warranty and service record booklet for the recommended service schedule.

Q When should I perform major services to my vehicle?
A The required maintenance schedule can vary depending on your driving conditions. Please refer to your warranty and service record booklet for the recommended service schedule.

Roadside Questions

Roadside Assistance

If you should experience car trouble, help is just a phone call away with Saab Roadside Assistance. Dial our toll-free number (1-800-852-9001) for emergency assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the United States. Best of all, it's yours at no additional charge for 4 years or 50,000 miles.*

*Whichever comes first. See your dealer for details on this limited warranty.

Q What is the telephone number for Roadside Assistance?
A 1-800-852-9001

Q How does trip interruption work?
A If you are more than 100 miles from home, Saab will reimburse for certain expenses in conjunction with the trip interruption. These expenses include only reasonable and customary daily cost for emergency lodging, meals, car rental or transportation TO YOUR DESTINATION, incurred within 3 days of the disablement, NOT to exceed $1,000.

Q Does Saab tow me to the dealership of my choice?
A In case of a breakdown, Saab Roadside will tow you to the nearest authorized Saab service center.


OnStar Questions
Q What is the telephone number for OnStar?
A 1-800-ON-STAR-7

Q Do Saab vehicles come equipped to handle remote door unlock and remote diagnostic capabilities offered with OnStar?
A These two features are only available on the 2003 9-3 Sport Sedan. The remote door unlock and remote diagnostic capabilities are currently not available on any other Saab vehicle.

Q Can I incorporate a microphone and speaker system in my vehicle to use with OnStar?
A The microphone and speakers are already a part of the OnStar system.

Q Can I tie my personal cell phone into the OnStar system to use the microphone and car speakers?
A No.

Saab Financial Questions
Q What is the number for Saab Financial?
A 1-888-594-7222

Q Can I make my lease payment on line?
A Unfortunately Saab Financial does not offer on-line payment options, but SFSC is considering having this functionality in the future.

Q Does Saab Financial have a website?
A Yes.

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 900
Norcross, GA 30091

New Product or Promotion Information

To get additional information about Saab, our products, or current promotions, please contact us at:

800 SAAB USA - (800) 722-2872

Hours of operation are:
Monday - Friday - 8 AM - 9 PM Eastern
Saturday - 10 AM - 7 PM Eastern


Ownership Issues

To get assistance from the Customer Assistance Center on topics related to vehicle or dealer concerns, product information, technical inquiries, and other ownership issues, please use the e-mail form below or contact us at:

800 955 - 9007

Hours of operation are:
Monday - Friday - 8 AM - 8 PM Eastern

Emergency Roadside Assistance

The Saab Roadside Assistance Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for emergency assistance.

You may contact us at:

800 852 - 9001

Product Questions:

Q Is there a tether anchor system available with Saab vehicles?
A Saab does have the top tether anchors available at no charge to owners.

Q How can I obtain a tether anchor?
A Contact the Customer Interaction Center at 1-800-955-9007 to request. It is necessary to have your Vehicle Identification Number in order to send the tether anchors.

Q What size tire should I use for my vehicle?
A The tire size depends on the year and model of your vehicle, what size wheel you have, and if you want all-season or winter tires. Please refer to your owner’s manual or call your Saab dealership.

Q My battery died and my radio is telling me I need to enter a code, what is my radio code?
A The radio code is a 4-digit code that is an anti-theft measure that prevents your radio from being used in any other vehicle.

Q Where can I find my radio code?
A It will be necessary for the vehicle to be taken to your Saab dealership so the service department can take out the radio and locate the serial number that is located on the side of your radio. Once they have obtained the serial number, they can look up the code.

Q Where can I obtain an owner’s manual?
A Owner’s manuals can be ordered from the parts department of the Saab dealership.

Q How much do additional owner’s manuals cost?
A Price may vary based on year and model. Please contact the dealership for specific price information.

Q Can I purchase additional keys?
A Additional keys and remotes can be purchased from the Saab dealership. Please note, if you need an additional remote, at least one working remote is needed in order to clone additional remotes.

Q How much do additional keys cost?
A Price may vary based on year and model. Please contact the dealership for specific price information.

Q How much does it cost if I need to replace the entire system if I lost both of my keys?
A Price may vary based on year and model. Please contact the dealership for specific price information.

Q Why do the keys cost so much?
A The keys have several components that are designed as part of the anti-theft system to make them difficult to copy by any would-be thieves.

Q Do Saabs have a valet key?
A Some models and model years do have the valet key. Please contact your dealer to see if a valet key is available for your vehicle.

Q How can I get a new emblem for my vehicle?
A Additional Emblems can be ordered from the parts department of the Saab dealership.

Q When will Saab have a 4-wheel drive vehicle?
A Information on future model designs is not available at this time.

Q When will Saab have an SUV?
A Information on future model designs is not available at this time.

Q Where can I find replacement parts for the 900 and 9000 models?
A Saab Cars continues to stock many of the parts for older model year Saab vehicles. However, for any part that is no longer available from a Saab authorized dealer you may want to contact a third party parts supplier who also specializes in recycled parts. You might contact one of these businesses to see if they would have the part for which you are seeking.

Cambell/Nelson Auto Recycling

Goldwing Used Parts Warehouse

English/Swedish Spares


International and Diplomat Sales (IDS) Questions

Q What is the discount for European Delivery?
A 8%

Q What is the discount for military personnel?
A 9-10%

Q What is the discount for diplomats?
A 14%

Q When can we go to Europe to pick up our vehicle through the IDS program?
A From order to delivery, the lead time is 6-7 weeks.

Q When can I get a VIN so I can purchase a vehicle through my bank?
A Two weeks prior to the delivery date.

Q Can I lease a vehicle through the IDS program?
A No, all vehicles acquired through the IDS program must be purchased.

Q In regards to the $1,000 travel allowance, is it off the price of the vehicle or can I use it for travel money?
A It does not come off the price of the vehicle because the vehicle must be paid in full before this money is disbursed. It can be used for travel money or anything you choose. Saab Cars USA, Inc., not the dealership, will send you this $1,000 directly.


Miscellaneous Questions
Q Does GM own Saab?
A Yes. Also, employees of General Motors along with family members can purchase a Saab vehicle under the GM Employee Purchase Plan.

Q What does Saab stand for?
A SAAB is an acronym for the Swedish, Svenska Aeroplan Akiobolaget (Swedish Aircraft Company).

Dealership Questions

Q How can I locate a dealership?
A A dealership can be located by using the dealer locator on Saab’s website,, or by calling the Customer Interaction Center at 1-800-955-9007.





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