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What's New and Hot in year 2004 from LAMBORGHINI car models?


Powered by a 500-hp, 5.0-liter V10 engine, the Gallardo utilizes drive-by-wire throttle control and is capable of a top speed of 192 mph and 0-60 times in the 4.2-second range.
Its distinctive design combines a strong stance with sensual lines that evoke the car's athleticism and sharpness. Flush door handles help emphasize the car's lateral air intakes and also improve its aerodynamics.

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1963-2003 Automobili Lamborghini: the first forty years

2003: a year to remember

2003 will certainly be a 'year to remember' for Automobili Lamborghini. In only twelve months, the company from Sant'Agata Bolognese has experienced a whole series of landmark events, confirming its leading role among constructors of the world's most exclusive sports cars.From the presentation of a beautiful new design proposal for open-top driving - the Murcielago 'Barchetta', which will go into production shortly - to the launch, after over 10 years, of a second model in the range, the Gallardo, which will stand alongside the Murciélago; from the opening of the Centro Stile Lamborghini , due to take place at the end of the Summer, to the fortieth anniversary celebrations, marking the foundation of the company in 1963 by the one and only Ferruccio Lamborghini. The Emilian company has decided to celebrate this anniversary in May, the same month in which it was founded exactly forty years ago, and the month that falls under Taurus, the astrological sign of the founder.

The celebrations will recall the history of an Italian brand, which, in forty years, has grown from a small local producer of high quality vehicles, to become a true icon among sports and luxury car manufacturers worldwide. Forty years of daring, combative and aggressive design: four decades of continuous development of advanced technology without compromise.But also forty years of unswerving dedication to the brand on the part of all Lamborghini personnel and enthusiasts.

Automobili Lamborghini honoured this anniversary in the best way possible by closing 2002 with a positive financial balance, ahead of schedule and following many years in the red.After many successful years interspersed with periods of great difficulty, Automobili Lamborghini has, without doubt, already set its course towards a more secure future.

And after the excellent results achieved in 2002 - 424 Murcielagos sold worldwide represents an exceptional achievement

- Automobili Lamborghini is looking to the coming months with renewed confidence and poise.With the start of Gallardo production on a new line, which is scheduled for May 2003 to coincide with the company's fortieth anniversary, the sales forecast for this year is just short of 1000 vehicles, of which at least 600 will be the new model.

From 2004, production is planned to reach 1,500 to 1,700 vehicles annually.

Approximately 1,300 Gallardos and almost 400 Murciélagos will roll off the assembly line at Sant'Agata Bolognese to reach over 20 countries worldwide. This production volume will guarantee further positive results, enabling the self-financing of future programmes and above all, strengthening the research and development sector.

Sant'Agata Bolognese, 01.04.2003

The first Technical Inspection of the Registro Lamborghini will be held on 9/10/11 May during the 40th Anniversary Celebrations. Application and entry forms will be available on request at the following e-mail address: registro(at)

Sant'Agata Bolognese, 10.03.2003

New': 'Registro Lamborghini'

-Geneva, 05.03.2003

The new Lamborghini Gallardo unveiled at the Geneva Motorshow.

The name Ferruccio Lamborghini - born under the zodiac sign of Taurus - when he founded the famous super car company, that since then bears his name, gave to it the symbol of the fighting bull.Later, in the '60 decade, when the Miura was introduced, he named the car after a famous bull's race, and this practice became a tradition for the House of the Bull. Honouring this tradition, the Management of Automobili Lamborghini have decided to baptize their latest model with the name of a fighting bull's breed: the Gallardo (pron.: ga:yàrdo).

Most people probably are not aware that the origins of the fighting bull proceed from five main breeds, that is: Cabrera, Navarra, Vasqueña, Vistahermosa and Gallardo. Today, ninety percent of the fighting bull breeds proceed from Vistahermosa branch, with some exceptions, such as the Miura race - that comes from the Navarro - which is today the only breeding stock that maintains a pure origin. Another exception is the breeding race of "Partido de Resina" - that was called once of "Pablo Romero"-, that comes from the Gallardo race. Historically, these bulls have enjoyed a well-deserved fame of being the most beautiful specimen within the race.

The Gallardo breed was created in the XVIII century. It draws its name from Francisco Gallardo and his brothers - cattle breeders at (of the) Santa Maria (Cadiz) - who, thanks to the good results obtained by their bulls' behaviour in the arena, reached a considerable prestige in the most important plazas de toros.Although the Gallardo family is considered the creator of this fundamental race of fighting bulls, it has been established that its origins are older, as they can be attributed to the Brothers Cartujos of Jerez (Cadiz), who bred it from the collection of the so called "diezmos" which was a tax that all cattle breeders and farmers had to pay to the catholic Church. The payment was made by giving to the Church one of every ten calves the herd would be increased by.

Bernardo de Quiros, a Navarro priest with a farm in the Rota location (Cadiz), taking advantage of his ecclesiastic relationships, bought the cattle (cows and calves) from the Dominican brothers. Years later, the Gallardo brothers bought a large part of the breeding stock from him. Francisco Gallardo, through a selection, succeeded in fixing the characters of the Gallardo race, that can be resumed as follows: good looking face, heavily built, with a majority of black or gray mantle. During the fight they were famous for being very courageous and to maintain their strength and aggressiveness till the last tercio, which all bullfights fans loved.

After Francisco Gallardo's death, his heirs sold the breeding stock in three lots, one of which ended in the hands of Juan Miura, great-grandfather of the current owners of this legendary bulls breeding ranch.The conceptDesigned to redefine its segment as the best high performance sports car and driving behaviour that fits its driver in every situation.

The Gallardo is the synthesis of a true sports car that can be used on an every day basis. While matching these two apparently conflicting objectives, the guideline for Lamborghini engineers has been to fulfil the necessary comfort requirements without any compromise in the performances expected of a true Lamborghini car. The choices for engine, transmission, space frame and body, suspensions, brakes and electronics are then all in line with such an objective. The result is a compact (length 4.3 m) 2-seater high performance car (maximum speed well over 300 km/h), that can be driven with pleasure both on race tracks and on long distance journeys on country and city roads. The layout has been conceived to reach the high performance targets, on the basis of the sports-oriented concept for which Lamborghini is well known.

The basic characteristics of such a layout are:- mid-rear mounted engine, with the gearbox behind the engine - permanent four-wheel drive system- independent double wishbone suspension system- aluminium space frame- low centre gravity- weight distribution 42front, 58rear- two front mounted water radiators and one side mounted oil cooler- wheelbase 2.560 m, front track 1.622 m, rear track 1.592 m- total length 4.300 m, width 1.900 m, height 1.165Particular attention was paid to achieve the correct weight distribution, true to Lamborghini's engineering tradition. In fact, the chosen weight distribution is the optimal for a sports car, with advantages for traction, braking and handling.

The lowering of the centre of gravity has also been a fundamental guideline, which also lead to the engineering decisions for engine and transmission layout.The designThe Gallardo design vision was initiated in the year 2000. The challenging and simultaneously fascinating task of our designers was to cultivate the attributes from Lamborghini and combine them in an extremely individual packaging. Its design, based on an Italdesign-Giugiaro style proposal was developed by the Lamborghini Centro Stile to incorporate the parameters of our extreme design philosophy. The Gallardo dimensions combined with the competitive performance targets ensure the car an athletic compactness. The long wheelbase complemented by short overhangs dynamise its appearance. It was clad in the typical and unique mono volume proportioning, our heritage initiated by the Countach and integrates the Lamborghini design attributes of purism, athleticism and sharpness.

The cab-forward cockpit integrated in the body by a strongly slanted front screen and tensed pillars, the complex surfacing intersected by crisp graphics and its cooling flow oriented detailing evokes as in the Lamborghini tradition in its proportions and formal language a strong aeronautical influence. Starring blade like front light graphics, the front face is orchestrated around the dominant cooling inlets. The scissor door cinematic has been reserved as traditional to the 12-cylinder lineage. The foldable side mirrors slanted forward dynamising the side view are mounted on an evolutive shoulder incorporating air inlets.

The flush integration of the door handles emphasize the lateral air intakes and like all details improves the aerodynamic efficiency. The rear lights prolonging the lines of the upper air intakes develop an aerodynamic lip present also on the rotating spoiler, combining once again function and emotion. The wheels, a strong differencing factor in the Lamborghini history develop the traditional round holes design theme interacting them with spokes.From the very beginning and in coherence with the defined layout, the design phase was completely integrated in the project development.

Thus, a complete matching between style requirements and functional requirements has been reached, avoiding style elements without functional basis or functional parts with poor visual appearance. To conclude, the Gallardo design in details and proportions highlights our unmistakable and uncompromising presence.

The engineThe Lamborghini V10 cylinder DOHC four valve V90 5 liter, 500 Hp, 510 Nm, is the concept solution for the high performance Gallardo. Instead of the more classical choice of a V72, an angle of 90 degrees was preferred in order to limit the height of the engine with advantages in the car layout (e.g. lower engine bonnet and better rear view) and in the lowering of the centre of gravity (i.e. better car dynamic characteristics). Even firing intervals (that ensure the smoothness of the engine) are guaranteed by the adoption of crankpins incorporating an 18-degree offset. A dry sump lubrication system not only achieves the correct lubrication even in extreme dynamic conditions, but also permits the centre of gravity to be lowered further. The torque output is optimised in the full rpm range. In order to achieve such an objective, the charge efficiency was increased at various speeds by a precise utilization of gas dynamic effects that take place in the intake and exhaust system. These effects are managed by the adoption of a variable geometry intake manifold and of a continuously variable valve timing system, both for intake and exhaust.

While the variable geometry (which can be defined as "variable length") guarantees the correct base gas dynamic characteristics both at low rpm (long runners) and high rpm (short runners), the variable valve timing system guarantees the most suitable valve opening and closing moments for each rpm. For instance, the intake valve closing moment is anticipated at low rpm and retarded at high rpm in order to coincide with the positive peaks of the pressure pulsations at the intake valves. Thus, the maximum torque of 510 Nm is reached at 4500 rpm, with 80 of this maximum already achieved at only 1500 rpm; conversely, the maximum power is obtained at a much higher speed, i.e. 7800 rpm. The throttle control is performed via a Drive by Wire system, with two electronic throttle bodies. The construction technology is obviously all aluminium.

In summary:- concept: V10 90°, 4V, crankpin offset 18°, integrated liners with eutectic alloy- capacity: 5 litre, bore 82.5 mm, stroke 92.8 mm- timing system: DOHC chain driven, continuously Variable inlet and exhaust Valve Timing- inlet system: Variable Geometry- exhaust system: two separated banks with two "5 in 1" exhaust manifolds- ignition system: individual coils directly mounted on each spark plug- engine electronic management: Lamborghini LIE- lubrication system: dry sump- max power 500 hp (368 Kw) at 7800 rpm- max torque 510 Nm at 4500 rpmSant'Agata Bolognese,

05.01.2003 Lamborghini unveils first 2003 surprise Concept Car for the Detroit Motor Show

Automobili Lamborghini officially opens its Fortieth Anniversary by presenting a ravishing proposal, dedicated to true Italian supercar fans, at Detroit Motor Show.

The Lamborghini Concept Car was designed by Luc Donckerwolke, Head of Lamborghini Design. It continues and exalts the Barchetta concept, an open car of Italian tradition.

This Concept Car has a more exclusive, aggressive and extreme design compared to the Murciélago, from which it derives and compared to which is lower by 136 mm. Its muscular design that interacts with aggressive outlines, makes this Concept Car a total new proposal that heightens the standards of the Lamborghini Design language.

An uncompromising car - as in Lamborghini tradition - inspired by the mythical open racing cars of the Fifties that used to race the Targa Florio or in the Carrera Panamericana.

An extreme and exclusive car also in its upholstery: the streamlined headrests integrate the mobile air intakes and the asymmetrical leather cladding - the right hand side being in a different colour and material compared to the left hand side - thus enhancing the driver oriented cockpit so as to make it a real "Pilot Oriented Driving Machine".

Another feature worth noting is that different structural parts of the chassis have been re-designed to ensure an adequate torsional stiffness even though roofless. The Lamborghini Concept Car displayed in Detroit continues the tradition of the famous open 12-cylinder models of the "House of the Bull": from the 350 GTS to the Miura Roadster, up tenter">Indiana

New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island
North Dakota
South Carolina
New Hampshire
South Dakota



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