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False and Deceptive Repair Practices

Most drivers don't understand how cars work. To protect consumers against fraudulent
practices, mechanic incompetence, and overcharging, many states have enacted statutes
specifically governing car repairs, or have included car repairs in their unfair and
deceptive practices statutes.

Q. How do the state unfair and deceptive practices statutes protect me from a repair
shop rip-off?
As discussed earlier, they usually require price estimates and repair orders. Also, many
states give you the right to keep or examine replaced parts, and require repair shops to
prepare a detailed invoice, which must state the labor and parts supplied, warranty work
done, guarantees, and installation of any used or rebuilt parts. In some states, you may
have the right to same-day repairs, unless you agree to a longer period or the delay is
beyond the shop's control. Shoddy repair work must be corrected at no charge, especially
in states where the implied warranty of merchantability has been extended to repair work.
Finally, many states require repair shops to post price lists conspicuously. If you think a
repair shop has intentionally cheated you, you should notify your state attorney general's
office and call your lawyer to discuss possible legal action.

Q. What can I do if the automobile mechanic makes unauthorized repairs?
First, you may wish to complain to your state attorney general's office, or the local
branch of the Better Business Bureau, or even to the Chamber of Commerce. For many
mechanics, their business depends on a good reputation, and they will take care to
maintain that reputation. If you do not get satisfaction, you may wish to sue if, for
example, the shop made unneeded repairs or reinstalled the original part rather than a
replacement. If the shop tried its best to correct the fault by fixing something that was
broken, though not the problem's ultimate cause, you should pay the shop. After all, the
repair shop did fix one of your car's problems.

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