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Using Auto Warranty to Get Free Repairs You Are Entitled to Receive


If something goes wrong with a car during the time/mileage period that a basic/power-train or a bumper-to-bumper warranty is in effect, most owners know enough to return a car to the dealer
they bought it from to get the car fixed free. Where many owners trip themselves up (and pay for needless repairs) is after the basic or bumper-to-bumper warranty expires. At this point, they believe they are responsible for paying to have any performance problem
repaired. Performance problems, which usually affect driveability, include rough idling, engine misfire, loss of power, hard starting, hesitation, stalling, and a drastic drop in fuel economy.
When such a problem occurs, car owners should determine if the emissions systems warranties can be used to get the repair made for free. A performance problem and excessive emissions usually go hand-in-hand; thus, repairing the cause of the emissions
problem will also correct the driveability problem. However, you must have proof that the emissions level exceeds federal or state standards before you can have the repair made at no cost.

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